South Dakota solar start-up shifts focus from tailgaters to Tanzania

(Midwest Energy News, November 22, 2013 )—Brian Gramm’s goal was to build a portable solar generator so rugged that it could survive in one of America’s harshest environments: a stadium parking lot.

The sports fan and serial entrepreneur came up with a product he says can withstand spilled beer, flying footballs, even a fall from your SUV roof should your inebriated buddies accidentally knock it over.

Gramm co-founded Peppermint Energy, a Sioux Falls startup company that originally planned to market solar power to sports tailgaters who wanted to watch TV or blare stereos without risking a dead car battery.

As he shared the designs with friends and mentors, though, others pointed out that a device as simple and durable as theirs might have another purpose: helping in disaster recovery and other humanitarian missions.

“It became apparent that we had the right idea, but we were not quite solving the right problem,” Gramm said. Continue reading “South Dakota solar start-up shifts focus from tailgaters to Tanzania”